Sunflower Bonnet | Soft Fudge

Sunflower Bonnet | Soft Fudge

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Our new Sunflower bonnets are perfect for the upcoming colder weather. Available in a range of colours, they can match any outfit. 



Please make sure your measure your baby’s head prior to ordering. Babies vary greatly in head circumference so going by age is unreliable.Measuring can be done with either a measuring tape or by using string and laying against a ruler to identify size. Please size up if unsure.

Newborn - 13-14 inches

0-3 months - 14-15 inches

3-6 months - 15-17 inches

6-12 months -17-18 inches

1-3 years - 18-20 inches


Materials and Care Instructions

These bonnets are made from 100% cotton yarn. The tag is faux leather.  Bonnets need to be hand washed in cool water and layer flat to dry.