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Dandelion Birth Announcement Card - Double Sided

Dandelion Birth Announcement Card - Double Sided

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We are extremely excited to bring you the DANDELION Birth Announcement Cards from Mabel Bear. This double sided card is a gorgeous way to announce baby’s arrival details to the world and accompanies our DANDELION Milestone Cards perfectly. We advise the use of a fine tip permanent pen/texta to write on the card. 


Card States 

🌟I’m Here

🌟I’m Here - with custom birth information 


Copyright: Designed by Mabel Bear and Copyright Protected 2019.  Please do not duplicate these cards, request a wholesale account. 

Disc diameter: 10cm


Safety: Please note these cards are for the purpose of photography only and are not to be used for as a toy. They are not safe for babies to chew or suck on as they may splinter.